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Hilarity for Charities


Comedy Cabaret owner, Dr. Scarpati, presents the BIG check to Larry OxMan, Denise Quiegly, Karen OxMan and Katie OxMan of Team Ox for M.S. Team OX has raised over $9,000.00 over the years with our Funny Fundraisers. BIG THANK YOU TO TEAM OX!


Comedian ‘Mr. Rubber-Face’ doing his English Bulldog impression as he presents a check to Kevin Kane, for the Charity Re-Use-Your-Shoes. It was Kane’s 3rd Successful Fundraiser at Comedy Cabaret. Combined total of all 3 is over $5,000!


Comedian Tracy Locke presents a check to Larry Kaplin of A.L S., for a Successful Fundraiser at Comedy Cabaret.

Charities and fundraisers

Community Comedy Cabaret offers a cost-effective fundraising alternative in a unique, intimate setting. The Show provides a perfect event planning solution to help you meet your fundraising goals.

  • Fun and entertaining way to generate donations

  • Special price plans for non-profit groups

  • Flexible weekday and weekend options

  • Full catering and beverage packages


Can you hear it?

It’s the sound of laughter and it’s the sound of your group raising funds for a good cause and laughing all the way to the bank! Comedy Cabaret With over 1 Million Dollars raised and experience spanning hundreds of events, Introduces Hilarity for Charities, the soon to be leader in comedy fundraising.


Whatever your fund-raising needs are, the Comedy Cabaret and Hilarity for Charities is a wonderful choice to help you reach your goal. It’s the simplest fund-raiser you can imagine. All you have to do is sell your tickets, then simply show up and enjoy the show, laugh, and raise the funds for your group. People in your organization will have something to anticipate and enjoy when working with Hilarity for Charities. Raise funds for a good cause! Celebrate business achievements! Put a new twist on your event! Throw a post-convention Standup Comedy Show for a good time! 

Essentially, we run stand up comedy shows featuring some of the best comedians from our 41 Years experience booking top talent for all the Comedy Cabaret locations to raise funds for various causes. We provide everything for you – comedians, sound, marketing materials, event management and expert advice (we let your ‘Cause’ in on how the best organizations fundraise). All the ‘Cause’ has to do is either use your venue or book an outside venue and sell the tickets, which with our exceptional line-ups and marketing advice, is a breeze.


Our shows generally feature a top-notch emcee, 2 support acts and a nationally touring headliner. Run time is approximately 2 hours, with a 15-20 minute intermission, during which raffle/auction items can be sold. The shows can be Adults Only or All Ages and 100% appropriate for students age 15 and over.  We can also assist your ‘Cause’ in raising thousands in additional funds on the night, through things like raffles and auctions.


We work with schools, clubs, charities, individuals and community groups across America to maximise returns and minimise the effort. Our shows almost always raise thousands of dollars, no matter the size, location or the demographics of the Cause! These events are always an enormous success and appeal to a much broader audience than your typical dry and weary fundraisers like trivia nights.


(Please keep in mind, all of the details described here are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs)  With over 1 Million Dollars raised and experience spanning hundreds of events, Hilarity for Charities is a national leader in comedy fundraising

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