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About Us

Community Comedy Cabaret was co-founded by veteran comedian Glenn Freezman and Owner of the Comedy Cabaret and Entertainment Agent, Andy Scarpati,

"Having over 51 years combined experience in the entertainment industry as both performers and agents - gives us a recognizable advantage over the competition. We understand how the entire process works - from booking the show, to matching talent to venue, to the implementation of the event. Few agencies have the credentials of knowing both sides of the business and having a full understanding of what each requires."

Community Comedy Cabaret realizes that not all comedians are created equal and neither are the audiences that they are entertaining. A 55 and Better Community, a Gated Community, and Country Club audiences have different expectations than a nightclub audience and it is up to the comedian to recognize and respect that difference.

We believe in providing not only great service to our clients but also pride ourselves in delivering the best match of artist to client.

A successful evening of comedy in 4 easy steps


We'll book the comedians and send you the promotional materials.


Advertise the event to your members


Provide a Buffet and a Cash Bar


Receive accolades from your members.

Comedy Cabaret has had its stages graced by Jay Leno, Ray Romano, Joe Rogan, Kevin James, Paul Riser, Steve Shaffer and Bill Maher just to name a few. 


Comedy Cabaret has succeeded by adhering to the First rule of Comedy…  
Know your Audience. 

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